In reverence for the weavings of the earth

a basket full of dandelion flowers

A space of elemental magick woven into the wisdom of the old ways. Here we remember. Re-membering with our relations, our plant and animal kin, our elemental creators, the source that echoes its wisdom through all of life.

Meet the creatrix, Marija. A writer, Earth tender, womb wisdom guide, in service to the sacred altars of life. Her creation of the Red Moon Medicine Sanctuary is intended to hold a space of gathering and prayer for the old ways, held in reciprocity with the earth. Remembering the spirals of creation that move through us. Holding a space for reconnection and remembering. 

Mystic Altars Blog

A space of devotion to the altars that weave all of creation. They are laid upon all all things. The carvings of a leaf. The intricacies of a mycelium network. The beating of our own hearts. It is these blessings of creation that we may witness, And in those ways we open into the full depths of existence. 

tattooed hand touching the bark of an ancient tree kin

Hear the call to the Medicine Temple