Gathering In Love

When women gather, magick happens. We’ve heard this before, but really this moves so much deeper than the cliché it has become . This space that is held in sacred ceremony and gather, in sisterhood, in brotherhood, and in all community, is the continuation of an ancient weaving. One that remembers the importance of rising together. One that remembers that as one heals, all heal, as one hurts, all hurt. It is embracing once again the teachings of the ancient ones that gathered regularly in ceremony. That communed together in song and dance. It is remembering again the teachings of the Red Tent, that speak to the power found when women come together as sisters and mothers. There is wisdom here. Here we remember the ways we remain tied together through coming back together again, through seeing each other, loving each other, in circle. When we gather in love, we are united as one harmonious organism. This is when we open ourselves up to hold and be held by others. To love and be loved by others. Wholeheartedly. Nurturing our communities of sisters and brother nourishes our own hearts that long for connection. When we gather in circle, the mystical grows strong, the mundane becomes magick. In ritual we remember the divine and in circle we reclaim our wisdom. 

Sister Circles

Circles and gatherings held in ceremony and reverence for the potency of community nourishment. The reclamation of sister’s circles, where women gather and show up exactly as they are, fully in their power and are held in love. Dismantling a system of competition and comparison and instead sitting in reverence for all of our gifts. All that we each so uniquely bring to the table.  

Womb Wisdom Workshops

Workshops held for cyclical embodiment. Remembering the wisdom of our spiralling natures and all the gifts that are offered to us through honouring our womb. The potency of our sexual energy and the creation cycles that move through us in each moment. Here we learn physically as well as energetically the movement of our womb, the phases we flow through, the teachings held in each, and how we may fully embrace our nature and thus step into the fullness of our power.