Folk Herbalism + Land Remembrance

In devotion to the weavings of creation through ancestral memory. The wisdom held within the pouring of oil upon herb. The remembrance of feet walking upon bare earth. Through this presence we claim the wisdom of our ancestors and once again embrace the wisdom that lives within a life lived in communion with the earths blessings. Here you will find Folk stories and mythology of different plant kin, mainly from Europe and North America, as well as recipes and wisdom of how to be the weaver of your own medicine. Remembering that a healer isn’t anyone outside of yourself. You are the medicine. 

We also explore the monographs of our plant kin, the ways in which they can support us on our path, and how we may cultivate practices that support this deepening communion. There will be different Seasonal offerings that move along with the turning of the wheel. This is within the context of the northern hemisphere, where I find my home. 

Stories of the land are of great importance here. The ways in which we witness where we come from. Exploratory land remembrance and devotion to these sacred altars that give us life and sustenance.