Remembering our Sacred Birthright of Co-Creation

Remembering our Sacred Birthright of Co-Creation



giant oak tree spirit

What am I doing here? 

This is a daily practice of remembering. 

As I tend to this space now, I am always being asked what it is that I’m doing. Creation asking me to focus my energy, so that it may be guided. Manifestation is quite a buzz word these day, touching on the ancient wisdom. Echoing the remembrance of co-creation. Of true power. Not power found outside of self. But power found within. The stones and trees that tell us, move slow, rest, all is coming through within the protective hands of time. Yet at the same time saying move, take what it is that you want, it is handed right to you.  Run too fast and you might miss it. Spider kin is found here, teaching us the ways in which we are the weavers of our own webs. We are the creators of all we’ve ever wanted, along with the forces that breath life into it all. Are we ready to take on the responsibility of remembering that life is not happening to us, but how we bring forth life? These threads that we weave are our choices, our thoughts, our words, our actions. Are our threads true to what we say we want? are they true to our heart centred p u r p o s e? 

This wisdom is as old as time. Etched into the bones of creation. How do we sit with these teachings? Do we try and swiftly grasp them into our hands, taking them for our own, trying to figure it all out at once, desperately wanting to get to the finish life?  Well, my love, you may find yourself then pulled back down to the earth, being unraveled and asked to try again. The strong grip of life reminding you that there is no fast tracking growth. Don’t forget. There is no finish life. Here is the thing, as much as we may direct our energy and speak our words of affirmation, the process still is the process. There is no bio hacking our communion with life and the land. Nor is there a skip button on certain experiences. Life, manifestation, creation, is a continuously unfolding spiral. It is not a point to be reached because, well, we are already within that point. Everything we are moving towards lives already in the molecules of our body. Quietly growing within the dark soils of our soul. Do we choose to reach outside of ourselves to find some semblance of something we feel we want, or have lost? Or do we sit within a present moment with ourselves, and see what lives inside? In every moment, we are asked to find our truth and follow. We are asked to open into its possibilities. Only in each moment do we find what we are looking for. When we sit with this moment of awareness, suddenly we see with an expanded perspective everything we’ve been missing through constantly moving with our heads down. Sit. Be. Notice what fills the empty spaces of stillness. 

Within this spiralling evolution of time and space, one may forget that everything you need, you already have. Everything that grows from that point, well that is an enrichment to your already beautiful life. This is the spiral completing itself. As one is in witness to the unfolding, and moving to catch the guidance of synchronicities and coincidences, creation is happening. For it sits upon the throne of our hearts. It breaths from the centre of our bellies. It is a flutter within, that whispers to you, you are it. You are the one. The one to weave the web. Everything you are in this moment, is a process that has been unfolding for years, for generations. When we live within the surface of life, we think that time is linear. When we expand out of that, we may dance with the idea that time moves in all directions, in all moments she exists. And all that you are now, reaches back into events that have played out from as far back as you can think. And farther. And so, all that you are becoming is already here. It exists within the molecules of your vessel. The blueprints of your existence, imprinted within the clouds of your mind. All that you came here to do. It is the teachings of the natural world that reveal to us, our thoughts and emotions are the weavers of our reality. Through them we see a life from a lens of our own lived experiences, and the stories that tie them together. It is these stories that continue to echo throughout out our lives. The stories that we keep ourselves in are the foundations from which we continue to weave our life. We may look upon these stories and see in what ways we have been keeping ourselves in a loop of sameness. Or how we’ve expanded far beyond anything we used to be. 

When we see our life as a goal to be reached, that we are always desperately striving for, we are lost. For we no longer are embodied within our centred present moment. Instead we are floating in between what is and what will be. When we are not satisfied until we get what our mind perceives as “the thing”, a very rigid idea with no room for variation, we are limited to the liminal spaces of our rationality. 


ancient tree


Yet, when we come back to sit upon the seat of the soul. When we take our place fully present within this unfolding spiral that is revealing to us all that is, right now, we suddenly are brought back to life. We are blessed. We are grateful. For we see all that we have. We see all the ways that life so seamlessly guides and protects us on our path. We are reminded that we are not alone, but a part of a great dance of creation. That feeds all of life. When we take our place with our relations we may move knowing that we are held within the embrace of the earth and our kin. Just like that, we are no longer looking from outside in, but join the circle of creation. 

As we move, each step is clear. Each moment asking us to commune with our heart. What is being asked of me in this moment? Following the thread that weaves the tapestry of our lives. As we follow along, the next step is revealed and then the next, and it feels like perhaps we are getting the hang of it. Yet when we look up, the way is cloaked in the fogs of mystery. We cannot know it all. It is a humbling lesson to remember that we are continuously moving within the lands of the unknown. Yet our chose for directing this energy is up to us. Do we follow this thread?

For life may be shrouded in an air of chaos and mystery, it is a living entity. An intelligence that has woven together all of creation, in all of its complexities. Expressing itself through the intricate processes of the birth of a baby or a breath of life. We are not lost, floating in the dark abyss of space. We are here. In this moment. A living being upon the earth. Guided by the knowing that brought us here. Nothing is by accident. Beyond the limited perspective of our daily consciousness, time is weaving all that is, was, and will be. And we are held within that in-between space of presence. At one point upon the spectrum of existence. Suspected within a moment. Aware. Still. Focused. 

And then it unravels again, revealing the true grandness of all that is. 

Where am I going with all of this existential talk? Well, im offering an invitation, to come back into this point that we are all submerged in. The point from which all that we create moves from. How do we live a life embodied within the present moment. Its not as easy as a click of a button or a whisper of a word. It’s a daily cultivation of presence. Expanding out of the limiting rationalities of the brain and sinking deeper into our hearts. What lives there, is beyond the focus of time. It is eternal. There we find our truth. There we find all that we are searching for. And we may move from a space that is fully present within each moment. Knowing that you already have all that you want. It lives within you. Do you feel it? 

Manifestation is the work of collecting all those particles of energy that already life within you. All those visions and sights from you heart, alchemizing it into a physical form. Bringing it into the dimension from the felt, into the seen. Its is magickal work. When we begin the journey of consciously weaving our lives, we are faced with the unexplainable. It is from this point that we are asked, do we choose to continue, honouring the fact that some things cannot be explained, that some things are moving through forces beyond ourselves, or do we wish to stop here, turn back, and continue to be blinded by the rationalities of explanation? The choice is yours.