When we nurture presence within the subliminal spaces of our lives, everything is awakened with spirit

medicine corner with goldenrod

Red Moon Medicine

Welcome family. What a gift and a pleasure to have you hold this space with me. My intention here, cultivating the Red Moon Medicine Sanctuary, is to nurture our most sacred relations. The ties we hold with the earth. With creation. With our communities. And with the deepest, truest expressions of ourselves. 

Here you find a space watered with the medicines of our ancestors. Those we all have in common. The ones whom lived in deep communion with the earth and all that is sacred upon it. Here we honour the offerings that have been pasted down to us through our own blood memory, intuition, and shared wisdom. 

Here we remember again what it means to live in reverence with the earth. In communion with the spirit in all things, that awakens life from a dull inanimate world into one bursting with life and colour. One where the flowers talk to us, the winds guide us and the fires burn within us. Honouring the interwoven rhythms that live on within all things. 

This is an exploration of our own relationships with ourselves. With the raw, uncultivated reservoirs of our soul. What resides within these untouched places? May this space serve as an unfolding into all that we are. Into the medicine that is found in all things.

red tent prayer

Im  Marija, a weaver of medicine. My being is that of the wild ones. The blood soaked, dirt covered creatures who roam the earth under the swelling moon. Who gather medicine in the ways of the ancient ones. Who dance and sing,  breasts shimmering in the light of the fire, bare feet thumping upon the earth. In honour of wolf woman, ravenous and sacred, teaching us the communion between ourselves and our own mysteries. 

I call you back to the rawest aspects of yourself. The truth that is revealed when all else is stripped away. What do you find there?

I am all that which remains untamed. As are you. 

My passion expresses itself through the weavings of story as medicine. Creations through ancestral memory. A longing to connect all the ways we have been transformed, to the old ways that tie us back into the earths wisdom, a tension held in reverence with the land and all that she offers us.

medicine woman communing with mugwort

We are the Medicine

These weavings tell stories that bring to life all that surrounds us. All that lives within us. The stories echoing within our womb, that speak of the spiral dance of life/death/rebirth. The codes of life that offer themselves as guides. Here we explore this mythology. A rich tapestry that reveals to us the secrets of our own mysteries. We are held within the teachings of the ancestors. 

I hold a deep devotion for the rhythms that echo throughout all of life. Those told by the stories of the seasons, the elements, our own womb wisdom. The cycle of a plants growth. The waxing and waning of the moon. These echos weave through the lineage we share, touching our relations and community.  I work to bridge these gaps that have grown between us and all that we are here for. All that we are a part of. Remembering our truth in its authenticity. Remembering the cycles that we move through and belong to. So that we may live in deeper awe, within a fuller embodiment, and touch upon an eternal source of love. These threads move through all of us.

Join me on this path, that guides you back into the arms of all that you are. As we remember all that lives within us, awakening what once slept, we step fully into our own medicine.

Mystic Altars

A gathering circle for story telling, cultivating the medicine of words to express all that lives within. Stay in touch with all that comes through this blog portal. The teachings of the medicines. The wisdom of the land. And the true, embodied practices of communion with the spiral of creation.

Here you may find and enter into the chambers of the Medicine Temple. A space of devotion. Weaving together offerings of reverence for the earth, the womb, and all the ways we are tied within the web of creation. Open and Receive the monthly offers that are found in this space. Invitations for self exploration and a deepening within ones communion with the tapestries of the earth. 

We have been awaiting your arrival for a long time. Welcome Home.