Enter the Mysteries

The reclamation of our own mysteries happens in circle. In community. In sisterhood. Within the chambers of these temples we explore the wisdom that had laid in waiting for us. Written on these walls are the scriptures of the sacred spiral. The ancestral teachings that we read together, and in so doing, continue to nourish this unfolding that feeds all those who come after us. Through this nourishment we ourselves our fed. We ourselves find our way back to clasp the hands of our relations. In service to these mysteries we are. Priestesses of the sacred wild. The wisdom of our womb is our matrilineal lineage. We remember. The art of herb crafting is etched into the memory of our bones. We remember. The full embodiment of our wild hearts is ours to claim. And so we do. These Scriptures written in blood and dirt are reclamations of an ancient heritage. It is the cord that ties us all together. And it is this energy that we pray to, move from, and are embraced by. Welcome Home. 

A community of sisters, communion woven through earth wisdom and womb magick. Enter into a space held in love, compassion and heart centred creation.

Here we journey into subliminal spaces, diving deeper into our own inner weavings. This is a place held in reverence for all the threads that tie us together, and make us who we are. The cycles that we move through. The medicine that is offered to us. The path that is ours to follow. It is a space of elemental magick woven into the wisdom of the old ways. Here we remember. Re-membering with our relations, our plant and animal kin, our elemental creators, the source that echoes its wisdom through the turning of the spiral of creation. Here we are in witness to these forces. And open ourselves to receive their medicine. Here too we learn of all the ways we are meant to service. These are the ways of reciprocity. This sanctuary opens as a temple to pray to these weavings. It is laid out as an altar that we may sit upon and allow ourselves to unravel to its teachings.  Each month receive offerings in devotion to the 4 cardinal elements. Entry points into forces of creation through communion and connection. 

What you'll find in within the Red Temple

EARTH ~ Folk Herbalism 

♥seasonal foraging medicines 

♥herbal recipes 

♥folk mythology of plant allies 

♥plant communion practices 

♥elemental wisdom + mythology 

♥elemental communion – how and why to connect with elemental kin 

♥land reciprocity + land tending 

♥codes of the sacred wild 


AIR ~ Seasonal Crafts 

♥ communion with the land through art 

♥ how each season offers its unique medicine of creation 

♥ different practices and crafts offered through each season

WATER ~Womb Wisdom 

♥Cyclical awareness practices and guidance 

♥the stories of our cycles echoing the cycles of creation 

♥yoni steaming wisdom, blends and guidance 

♥plant allies for womb support, natural contraception 

♥practices for deepening relationship with womb 

♥the teachings of each phase 

♥nourishment for the womb 


FIRE ~ Story As Medicine 

♥exploring archetypical realm of creations 

♥embodiment of gods and goddesses, Folk Mythology 

♥Stories of the land – everything is alive, and remembers