The Lineage of Cyclical Embodiment

eternal waterfalls
Witnessing the ancient waterfalls of Laos, the waters of the holy womb

Long ago our ancient mothers sang in harmony with the moon and soils. Their hearts beat in rhythm with the earth. Freely bleeding upon her grounds, and dancing in the darkness of the night. The rites and wisdoms of our bleed, of our entire cyclical nature was know, kept close, and passed on. 

Our cycles, our bleed, our ability to create a literal human vessel that will hold a spirit upon this earth, this is our source, our essence. Every time we take a piece of it back from the hands of harmful influences, every time we claim again a lost tradition or remember a forgotten story, every time we nurture our needs and show each and every aspect of ourselves the love it deserves, we settle gracefully closer into the hands of our ancient and wise mothers. We take back the knowledge that is our birthright. We weave again the teachings of the wise woman tradition. And enrich the soils for our daughters to thrive and our grandmothers to heal. 

Not only does it stretch forward as we pass on this remembering, this healing also expands back to all those women who came before us, who didn’t have access to the wisdom of their cycles. Without knowing that they were going to bleed one day, and what that even meant. My mother tells a story of when she was a young girl, on the day her bleed finally arrived in her life, she was paralyzed with fear, thinking she way dying. She was never told that was was something that happened and of course, it was met with fear, anxiety and shame. This knowledge was not shared as our source of power within deep ancestral wisdom. It wasn’t taught as our precious connection to the cycles of creation, that we are so much a part of.  As we remember these teaching, we soothe and nourish a lineage that met our blood and fertility with shame and resentment. 

We weren’t told that our abilities that are channeled through our cycles, through birth, make us bridges into other realms, other worlds. It was hidden and shamed into the dark corners of our reality. Each time we claim back these practices of awareness, we tend to the wounds our grandmothers carried, we forgive the acts of violence and write new stories for the future.

We move forward more within our source, our power, our truth, then has ever been before. In harmony with these rhythms, our path becomes clear. We walk with grace, for we know our place upon this earth. We take up space, claim what is ours, nourish ourselves and our communities. We a Whole. Holy. Bloody. Women. 

A woman’s cycle is her innate wisdom, resting within the chambers of her womb. Ancestral knowledge that has been carried through generations to reach us. It whispers the guidance of our grandmothers and teaches us the ways of alignment. It is the scriptures that tell us of the ways of creation. These cycles, they echo throughout so much of life. These blueprints lay etched into the turning of the seasons, into the cycles of the moon. They are the teaches present within manifestation. The fact that these cycles echo throughout so much of life speaks to the grand importance of its mysteries. The blueprint of creation. The thread of life. 

As we tune into our cycle, we sink deeper into our embodiment. As women, our cycles are our guides. They teach us how to best harness and direct this power we hold to create. So many women move against this innate wisdom trying to fit into a rhythm that is unsupportive of our natural ways. We have learned to ignore our needs and neglect our desires. Coming back to the wisdom of our cycle is claiming again all that we are. It is stepping into that power of mother, of maiden, of crone. Remembering the wisdom and power of each. Allowing ourselves to be transformed within these spirals. As we step back into harmony with it, we may find deeper belonging within ourselves. We may get out of our own way to see what we are in service to. All that we are meant to create, do, be, upon this earth. It is witnessing these signals, these messages that come through and learning to listen to them. So that we may harness them. 

We can look to nature for this wisdom. There is nothing in nature that work and grows and creates constantly without death. And yet, we expect ourselves to always be productive, always active, always creative. Until eventually we find ourselves without any other choice, but to stop, and wilt back into the darkness of the earth. These are the teaching of the sacred spiral. The divine cycle that lives within the turning of the moon. Within her waters we see a reflection of our very wombs, for we too move through those same rhythms. The seasons whisper these teachings of creation in the same ways. The renewal of the life force within the emergence of spring. The culmination of energy that allows life to flourish into fertility, feeding the next generations. And the gradual decline back into the roots, into the dark womb of the earth, where we are laid to rest. Before being reborn once again. These are the codes of the life/death/rebirth cycles. Found in everything. As we gaze into creation we may catch a glimpse of these teaching, and remember.  As we align with our cycles, listen to the stories they share, step back within the spiral, any unserving patterns melt away. Instead of life happening to us, we clamp onto the reigns, we direct our energy and use our source of power to amplify and awaken all that once was chaotic and scattered. Stepping into the role of high prietess, that carries the traditions of her ancestors, remembering the wisdom that we have taped into. And fully, wholeheartedly, presently, within your power. 

When we nurture an awareness within our cycles, we cultivate compassion and trust in the innate ways our bodies and our beings flow. We are able to look deeper beyond the signals to see what they are drawing our attention to. The root of it all. What story they are speaking to us. When we sit in this presence, we may witness these discomforts rather than hide from them, and find relief through their integration. Rather than dismissing signals like heavy bleeding, debilitating cramps, or extreme mood swings, we sit with these expressions that are coming through. Acknowledge their space within us, and gaze deeper into their roots. Suddenly, the intense mood swings reveal to you how much you have been ignoring your boundaries. How much you are needing space, alone time, comfort. The once confusing and inconvenient expressions of our cycle that we felt burdened by, suddenly fills with life and story. We are offered a deeper context of what is moving through us. So then we may offer ourselves what is needed. So then our hearts may open to receive the full gifts that are being offered to us. So then we may sink into a fuller compassion and wholehearted awareness of all that we are. 

When we experience pain at certain points in our cycles, in our wombs and abdomens, or maybe our lower back, our body is communicating. Let’s remember that every other time we experience pain we know and remember that our body is in distress. That something isn’t at ease and our body is alerting us. Why is it any different with these sensations as they pertain to our womb space? Why have doctors completely disregarded the very real experiences of woman and actually normalized them so that we don’t even know what actually is going on within our being. It is years and generations of systemic ignorance of the ways of woman, that has lead to us trying to be more like men, trying to be less like ourselves. Its okay to acknowledge your needs, and the ways they differ from someone else.  How can we sit with these experiences of pain, and unravel what they are revealing to us? Firstly, not trying to change it into something else. Letting go of the feeling that you should be different to what you already are. Embracing it. Finding a way to allow the discomforts and pain to crack open your heart into a deeper experience of surrender. That is the beginning. From there, you are guided where you need to go. Give yourself permission to rest with some warm tea and a hot pad, and explore the journey unfolding. It is a life long relationship we are tending here, not a quick fit to an inconvenient problem. It asks for a certain level of commitment, surrender and responsibility to the continuously evolving spiral dance of soul work through womb medicine. 

As we begin to explore these aspects of our bodies, we begin to really tune into these messages. And in spaces where there used to be shame, or dread, or annoyance, we can find instead awe, and compassion, and gratitude. The more we explore our cycles and see the deep wisdom and intricate intelligence that it carries, we notice how our experience of it begins to change as well. How our discomforts begin to ease as we allows our bodies to open and surrender. How our minds begin to quiet when we allow ourselves a space of rest. How our irregular cycles begin to find its harmony as we tends to the needs it asks for. And through this surrender to the greater flow we move within, we find our way, we find our harmony, we find trust and compassion for Every. Single. Parts of Ourselves. Not just the ones that look pretty or feel ease. All of it. This is the work of womb wisdom. Asking ourselves, how can we open our hearts deeper, surrender more fully, to all that is being asked of me? Am I in alignment with what is true? Being in witness to all the ways we are tied together through the threads of blood. The spiral that touches all of us. Not just our human relatives, this expands out into our animal and plant kin. The mountains and rivers. The skies and soils. The turning of the wheel of time. The Spiral touches all. And so it is.