Womb Wisdom

The chambers of the Womb are found here. Exploring the deepening embrace of cyclical embodiment. Here are the offerings shared in devotion to the sacred womb centre. The wisdom that is stored here. The guidance that can be found as one opens to receive it. Here is an opportunity to reconnect, or to deepen into the embrace of your own divine centre. The source of our creativity, pleasure, and life force. This exploration of the womb is also energetic, tapping into the deeper context of our source energy and life force. 

This is your invitation and opportunity to learn how the cycles of creation express themselves within the cycling of the womb. The archetypical stories held here and the teachings they share. As well as a blending of herbalism into womb wisdom to support one in ways of natural birth control and sacred choice over ones reproductive ways. The ways that plants support the womb is so many enriching ways. We explore many teachings of deepening, opening, surrendering into all that the womb opens us up into. The path for us to follow becomes clear. In alignment with our truest source and essence. We learn the ways in which she flows, and in so doing the ways we may support ourselves as we grow and transform.